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  • How to Safely Install an Electric Kiln

    Installing an electric kiln can seem like a complex process, and if done incorrectly, can greatly increase the risk of fire. In this article, we will discuss three easy tips that will help you safely install your electric kiln and avoid common mistakes.

    Proper Location

    An electric kiln must be installed in a dry, large room. Most electricians recommend that you place the kiln between 4 and 50 feet from the breaker box. The closer the kiln is to the breaker box the better, but it must be at least 4 feet away to prevent the kiln from tripping the breakers.

    Another factor to consider when ensuring a proper location is the flooring. Do not install a kiln on flammable floorings such as carpet or wood. Concrete is the recommended flooring but tile or laminate can also suffice. While tile and laminate can be used, concrete is the better choice because it provides a solid foundation.

    Proper Wiring

    A kiln cannot be safe, or operate effectively, without correct wiring. For this reason, you should have an experienced electrician wire the kiln for you. Here are few wiring tips that you can use to double check that the wiring is done correctly.

    • Make sure the electrician does not use aluminum wire. Aluminum wire cannot handle heat from the kiln and can cause fire. Copper wire is the recommended wire to use.
    • Make sure the outlet supports the voltage and has the correct phase power. Installing a shutoff box is also a recommended precaution.
    • For Kiln models with wall plug-ins, the outlet needs to be above the kiln so that the wire hangs down.
    • Periodically check all wiring for corrosion and damage. Due to the extreme heat conditions, the wires are put under intensified stress and need to be checked regularly.

    Proper Ventilation

    Kilns should be installed in a room with an exterior wall so that it can be properly ventilated. Motorized vents should be inserted through the exterior wall to remove fumes from the air and release them outside.  In addition to the motorized vents, the kilns should be placed no closer than 3 feet apart to spread the heat out more evenly across the room.

    With these helpful tips and precautions, you are on your way to installing a safer kiln. You can also read more about electronic wall units, relay schematic, thermocouple replacement and other helpful information.  Please contact us with any additional questions.

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