Electric Kilns

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 1st to create the 28”, 12-sided Electric Kilns
 1st to create the Oval Electric Kilns
 1st to create the Electric Raku kiln
 1st to design an affordable, Large Capacity kilns 

We are proud of the kiln models we build. The kilns are design and engineered to be structurally sound and high-end performing machines. Olympic electric kilns have many different types of applications and are created in multiple styles to give you a choice. Check our our Guide to Electric Kiln Abbreviations!

Consider the following items when you are determining which electric kiln will work best for you:

  1. The size, width and height, of the pieces you will be firing in the next year.
  2. The temperature range required.
  3. Type of power and electrical wiring available.

Warranty Information

One year limited kiln warranty for cone 10/2350°F models and two years for cone 8/2300°F and lower temperature models. 

Interested in a kiln for DPF cleaning? We can build you a custom electric kiln for that.

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