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Electric Kilns

electric kilns

Innovative - Original - Creative

 1st to create the 28”, 12-sided Electric Kilns

 1st to create the Oval Electric Kilns

 1st to create the Electric Raku kiln

 1st to design an affordable, Large Capacity kilns 

We are proud of the kiln models we build. The kilns are design and engineered to be structurally sound and high-end performing machines. Olympic electric kilns have many different types of applications and are created in multiple styles to give you a choice.

Consider the following items when you are determining which electric kiln will work best for you:

  1. The size, width and height, of the pieces you will be firing in the next year.
  2. The temperature range required.
  3. Type of power and electrical wiring available.

Abbreviations for Electric Kilns:

Olympic Kilns electric kilns studio line is designated by the kiln’s inside dimensions, width and depth. Letter abbreviations with the model number explain how a kiln is equipped. The large capacity electric kilns are designated by the cubic feet inside the kiln and letter abbreviations describe the design style of the kiln.

CS – clam shell loading

CUBE-design style of kiln line for dual media for glass and ceramic firings and ceramics firing only

DM – dual media for firing glass and ceramics, 3” brick and the kiln fires to cone 10-2350° F - has lid element for glass fusing GF – glass fusing kiln with lid element

E – An electronic controller equips the kiln

FL – Front -loading

H – 3” brick and the kiln high fires to cone 10-2350° F

HB – HotBox - small 120 volt kilns that fire to cone 10-2350° F

MAS – Medallion Artist Series with model number

S – Solid stainless jacket (kiln is one piece unit and is not built in sections)

TL – Top Loading Production electric kilns

Example: Studio Line of Pottery, Ceramics and Heat-treating Electric Kilns  

  1. Model Number 2327HE – 23” wide x 27” deep; H fires to high temperatures to cone 10-2350°F, E equipped with an electronic controller.

Example: High Volume Production Commercial Line Electric Kilns:

  1. FL20E – FL-front-loading electric with 20 cubic feet of usable firing space within the chamber; E equipped with an electronic controller.

If you have any questions about the model numbers or abbreviations, contact us today.

Warranty Information

One year limited kiln warranty for cone 10/2350°F models and two years for cone 8/2300°F and lower temperature models.