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120 volt Kilns for Ceramics, Glass & Precious Metal Clay

120 volt small kilns Olympic 120 volt kilns have a wide range of firing options.  Small and compact, the models are great for testing, glass, PMC, jewelry-making, doll-making, porcelain, blades, and china painting.  Hotboxes (HB) are square in design and fire to 2350°F, cone 10 and are sectional kilns that are not hinged or connected, excluding the HB89E which has a hinged lid.  Blank or Bead collars are an available option for adding depth to the Hotbox models.

The Happy Clam with its sleek designer style lines is perfect for jewelry artist with its clamshell loading feature for item placement.  Glass artists find the Happy Clam to be a super kiln for combing smaller glass pieces.

The 129E, 1214-120E top loader and the 1214 Electric Raku kilns are built of 3” brick for energy efficiency and to insure consistent firings on 120 volts.  Designed to be used anywhere for all types of firings including porcelain, these kilns provide the depth you need without the limitations of higher voltage requirements.   The 129E comes with an 18” tall stand or you can choose an optional 8” stand for tabletop access.  China painters find the 1214-120E an ideal size for their work and the 120 volt feature makes the kiln usable anywhere.

Olympic’s 120 volt kilns are portable and versatile and the Traveler heads the list. The Traveler’s lid element provides glass fusing capabilities and the height of the chamber gives room for taller items.  The traveler’s folding lid makes it easy to pack in most vehicles and once you reach your destination, the wheels make it a breeze to move.

 The design of the 1214 Electric Raku allows easy access to loading and unloading ware.  Think rakuing was meant only to be fired in gas kilns? Think again.  Now you can create beautiful raku pieces on 120 volts as well as bisque and glaze.  See Electric Raku for additional models.

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