the cube kilnJust the Right Size - Just CUBE It!

Olympic's introduces the first of the CUBE series - CUBE 25, one of three high fire cube sized models for pottery, ceramics, heat-treating, and glass, when a lid element is added. The CUBE series fires to  cone 10 - 2350°F and is built with 3” brick for added insulation and energy efficiency.  A two-inch lip on the top row of brick protects the first row of elements when loading and unloading the kiln.  Stainless steel jackets  wrap the brick and Olympic’s stackable design allows ease of moving a large kiln by taking it apart or for working on one section if needed. Models come equipped with the digital 12 key V6-CF controller and are equipped with lid lift assists for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid.

CUBE 25 - 25" x 25" wide  x 25" deep, 9 cu. ft.; 

Coming Soon! CUBE 20 - 20" x  20" wide x  20" deep, 5 cu. ft. & CUBE 29 - 29" x 29" x 29", 14 cu. ft. Contact us for information about our new CUBE!

Just the Right Size - Just CUBE It!

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