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Dual Media Kilns for Ceramics & Glass Firings

dual media kilns

Olympic Kilns Dual Media kilns are designed for firing ceramics and glass and feature:

  • 3" brick for energy efficiency
  • Firing level to 2350°F for high firing pottery and ceramic projects 
  • Lid element for glass fusing
  • ON/OFF infinite switch that activates the lid element for an intensity the kiln operator desires.

The Dual Media kiln for ceramics come in two designs:

  1. Raku style with a frame and hand crank for easy access to pieces and simple opening and closing of the firing chamber
  2. Stackable top-loading electric kilns which come apart for quick and easy moving without dismantling the entire electrical system. 

Dual Media 23", 28" and Oval models are equipped with a lid lift assist for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid.

Select models shown.  Check price list for all Dual Media models available.

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