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Studio Front Loading

studio front loading kilnOlympic’s front loading kiln is a multi-purpose machine ideal for jewelry, glass beads, enameling, dental labs, lampworking, and ceramics.

The front loading aspect of these kilns allow for easy access to the kiln while hot, while observation portals allow you to view and monitor the items you’re firing.

Choose from the 120 volt front loading kiln or the 240-208 volt models.

The 120 volt models can be built with the door as side hinged, bottom hinged, or with a guillotine lift.

The doors of the 240-208 volt front loading kiln are heavier so door options allow for bottom hinged or guillotine lift. Door design must be specified at the time of purchase.  

Other features of the front loading kiln include:

  • Electronic controller – 3 key or 1 key digital for precision and accurate temperature control for jewelry and enameling work
  • Quartz glass viewing windows that will lower the temperature range of the kiln (max 1700°F) 
  • Bead doors for annealing
  • A vent hole in the roof that allows for wax vapors to escape easily during wax burnout

Check price list for all Studio Front Loading models available.

If you have any questions about any of our front loading kiln models, contact one of our experts today or call us at (800) 241-4400.

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