Large Capacity Front Loading Electric Kilns

Large Capacity Front Loading Electric Kilns

Customers who are firing large loads and/or tall pieces have the convenience of a large, tall kiln with easy loading capabilities.  Olympic’s large capacity front loading electric kilns are built for long life with heavy gauge steel frames.  Additional brick thickness, fiber board and air space deliver dependable performance at high and low temperatures. 

Select models shown.  Check price list for all Front Loading Electric models available and contact us if you have any questions.



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  • FL4.5E

    Reg. $4,135.00
  • FL53E

    Reg. $18,555.00
  • FL42E

    Reg. $16,840.00
  • FL36E

    Reg. $15,320.00
  • FL31E

    Reg. $13,210.00
  • FL27E

    Reg. $11,500.00
  • FL24E

    Reg. $10,305.00
  • FL20E

    Reg. $8,790.00
  • FL17E

    Reg. $7,680.00
  • FL12E

    Reg. $6,355.00
  • FL8E

    Reg. $5,475.00
  • FL5.5E

    Reg. $4,970.00
  • FL10E

    Reg. $5,980.00

13 Item(s)

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