Large Capacity Top Loading Electric Kilns

Olympic’s top loading large capacity electric kilns offer large commercial sizes at little more than studio kiln size prices.  All are built to professional standards to give economical service and long life. 

Only select models shown are shown.  Please check our price list for all Top Loading Electric models available or contact us for more information on the kilns that we carry.

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  • TL20E

    Reg. $6,090.00
  • TL24E

    Reg. $7,050.00
  • TL4828E

    Reg. $9,155.00
  • TL5428E

    Reg. $10,380.00
  • TL4832E

    Reg. $10,570.00
  • TL5432E

    Reg. $11,810.00

6 Item(s)

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