Oval Designed Electric Kilns

Oval Designed Electric Kilns

The Incredible, Affordable Oval ...

Often Imitated, but Never Duplicated!

Back in the ‘70s, Olympic had a customer interested in a 23” wide kiln but needed it “stretched” for some of the items he was firing.

Olympic took the stretched idea and created the first 25” oval. What had been a 10-sided kiln, 23 3/8” wide, became an oval 14-sided kiln with an interior width of 25” front-to-back and 37” long. The popularity of the oval shaped electric kiln would later emerge into two other sizes by stretching the 18” wide 8-sided kiln to a 30” wide by 20” front-to-back oval and stretching the 28” wide, 12-sided model to 42” wide by 30” front-to- back.

Initially used primarily in pottery kilns, Olympic met the demand of glass kiln customers who needed the oval shape. Dual Media models (high firing ceramic kilns with a lid element for glass fusing) and glass firing ovals are available. The widths and lengths are identical to the ceramic models with shorter depths 9” and 13.5” for glass fusing models.

The Olympic Oval requires little more room than the cylindrical kiln yet it provides space for large ceramic pieces and bigger production loads. Olympic Oval kilns are extremely energy efficient constructed of three-inch brick for added inslation and strength. The top section has an additional 2 inch blank row of bricks to protect the first row of elements. The top and bottom sections are connected to the center section by an interconnecting plug, allowing the sections to be easily separated and reducing the amperage carried by the interconnecting plug. Balanced heating elements insure even distribution of heat within the kiln regardless of the load being fired.  

Ovals come equipped with a lid lift assist for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid and a vent hole is located in the center of the lid. The lid vent-hole substitutes for a lid wedge which is used with smaller kilns for venting. Each section or ring of the Oval has handles for easy lifting and unique ring locks made by Olympic prevent shifting of the kiln rings when in use. 

Olympic Ovals are available in three exciting widths –

  • 20 Ovals are 20 inches deep, front-to back by 30 inches long

  • 25 Ovals are 25 inches deep, front-to-back by 37 inches long

  • 30 Ovals are 30 inches wide, front-to-back by 42 inches long

Ovals depths measure 20 inches deep to 33 1/2 inches deep

Cone 8 or cone 10 versions of the Olympic Oval are available and run on 208, 240 or 480 volts.  Ovals come equipped with an electronic controller, combined lid lift and stand and observation plugs.  Additional options include mercury relays, solid electrical box (replacing separate electrical boxes on each section), and three-zone control for sensing and maintaining temperature at three levels within the kiln.

Select models shown.  Check price list or contact us for all Oval models available.

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  • 2023HE

    Reg. $3,070.00
  • 2027E

    Reg. $3,310.00
  • 2027HE

    Reg. $3,425.00
  • 2518E

    Reg. $3,065.00
  • 2518HE

    Reg. $3,230.00
  • 2523E

    Reg. $3,500.00
  • 2523HE

    Reg. $3,670.00
  • 2527E

    Reg. $3,880.00
  • 2527HE

    Reg. $4,055.00
  • 2531HE

    Reg. $4,455.00
  • 3018E

    Reg. $3,920.00
  • 3018HE

    Reg. $4,075.00
  • 3023HE

    Reg. $4,390.00
  • 3027E

    Reg. $4,720.00
  • 3027HE

    Reg. $4,890.00
  • 3031HE

    Reg. $5,305.00

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