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TopHat Series & Raku Firing Kilns

electric raku and tophat kilnsEasy Access for All Types of Heat-Treating, Glaze, Bisque, Raku and Glass Firings!

Olympic’s TopHat kilns are perfect for heat-treating, ceramics, Raku and glass firings.  The clearance provided when the firing chamber is lifted allows accessibility from all sides of the kiln.  The unique design of the kiln retains the heat within the firing chamber even when it is opened. 

The TopHat series is designed with an elevating firing chamber and uses a hand crank for easy loading and unloading of ware.  All TopHat models have lid elements and high fire to cone 10, 2350°F. 

The Electric Raku 1214-120E fires to cone 4, 2100°F and the 1823E Raku fires to cone 8, 2300°F.  Models sizes available in 12”, 18”, 23” and 28” widths and range in depths of 9”—13.5”.

Check the price list for all Electric Raku firing and TopHat model kilns available and contact us for more information.

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