240 Volt Solid Jacket Electric Kilns

Solid Jacket ("SJ") electric kilns provide compact space for small to medium loads and are ideal for the hobbyist who needs a larger model than a 120 volt kiln.  The models are solid one piece units wrapped in a stainless steel jacket and equipped with a 3 key or optional 12 key electronic controller.  

The S1814E kiln comes with a tall 18" for easy access because of its shorter depth. Other Solid Jacket models ship with 8” stands.

Check out all of our electric kiln models and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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  • 1214-240E

    Reg. $1,050.00
  • 1414E

    Reg. $1,110.00
  • S1814E

    Reg. $1,250.00
  • S18E

    Reg. $1,310.00
  • S18HE

    Reg. $1,405.00
  • S1823E

    Reg. $1,475.00
  • S1823HE

    Reg. $1,535.00

7 Item(s)

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