Easy Movers Stackable Electric Kilns

stackable electric kilns

Stackable electric kiln models are used in the home, studio or school setting.  The kilns come apart in sections making it easy to move to another location or through a small opening.  The Stackable electric kilns make maintenance work easily accessible when work is only required on one section of the kiln.

Models are cylindrical in shape, top-loading with multiple widths and depths. Choose either 18”, 23” or 28” wide and a range of depths from 18”, 22.5”, 27” or 31.5”. Models built with 2 ½” brick fire to cone 8 – 2300°F.  Cone 10 models (fire to 2350°F) names are designated with a “H” for high fire, built with 3” brick for extra insulation and energy efficiency, and maintain the same interior width as the cone 8 versions but fire to higher temperatures.

Stackable Electric kilns are equipped with an electronic controller providing automatic programming for cone fire methods or ramp-hold firings, 8” stand, observation plugs and instruction manuals.  Olympic 23” and 28” wide models come equipped with a lid lift assist for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid.  The 28” wide models are built with 3” brick in both the cone 8 & cone 10 versions.

Check our price list for all Stackable models available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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