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Quick Overview

Just CUBE it!

Olympic introduces the CUBE 25 for high fire ceramics and heat-treating. 

The cube design creates a new dimension for the kiln operator who needs a large square kiln to high fire that is affordable but doesn't take up too much space. The square design provides ample room for multiple sized pieces yet isn't so big that it takes over a studio, school or businesses kiln room.  Interior dimensions are 25” x 25” wide x 25” deep for 9 cubic feet  of firing space. The model has a 2" brick lip at the top row of brick to protect the first row of elements when loading and unloading the kiln. The square CUBE 25 fires to  cone 10 - 2350°F and is built with 3” brick for added insulation and energy efficiency.  Stainless steel jackets  wrap the brick and Olympic’s stackable design allows ease of moving a large kiln by taking it apart or for working on one section if needed. 

Olympic CUBE 25 is equipped with a lid lift for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid and the CUBE 25 comes with an electronic controller with digital entry for cone-fire and six (6) user programs  with eight (8) segments per program for  ramp/hold programming.  Choose from either the digital 12 key controller, the V6-CF or the RTC-1000. Olympic’s proven electrical box design keeps components cool while firing at high temperatures. The CUBE 25 is built to run on 44/46 amps on 240-208 volts with a NEMA 6-50 power cord and comes with a metal stand, peephole plugs, kiln maintenance and electronic controller instruction manuals. One-year Limited Kiln Warranty for cone 10 models.

Options include adding a lid element for dual media firings, Type S thermocouple, 480 volt, 2 or 3 zone control, vent, and much more!  

Furniture kits are available for the CUBE 25 or you can create your own furniture kit. 


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  • CUBE 25
  • CUBE 25 side
  • Choice of Digital Controller - RTC-1000 or V6-CF
  • CUBE 25  side-back view
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  • CUBE 25 with optional lid element for dual media firings
  • CUBE 25 with optional lid element for dual media firings side
ModelCUBE 25Wiring Specifications1 Phase3 Phase
Equipped with Lid Lift Assist Yes Volts 208 240 208 240
Inside Chamber Dimensions w x d x h (inches) 25 x 25 x 25 Amps 46  44  30 29
Cubic Feet 9 Watts 10,560
Outside Dimensions with Stand or Frame w x d x h (inches) 39.5 x 53 x 50.5 Breaker Required 60 Amp 40 Amp  
Brick Thickness 3” Plug Configuration NEMA 6-50 Direct Wired
Maximum Temperature Cone 10 - 2350°F/1288°C Copper Wire Size #6, #4 if circuit is longer than 40 ft    
Est Ship Wt 550 lbs


Receiving Your Kiln

Olympic Kilns packs its merchandise so that it will arrive at its destination undamaged. Olympic orders are FOB origin when they leave our loading dock. This means we hold the carrier's receipt that your order left in good condition. We do not allow any deductions from invoices for damaged ware. It is the receiver's responsibility to understand and comply with standard shipping and receiving practices as described in this section. The carrier is responsible for transporting your freight but not for unloading it. A lift gate is required if you do not have a loading dock for shipments delivered by freight carrier. UPS and FEDEX will deliver smaller shipments to your door.

If you do not have a loading dock, a lift gate for transporting the freight from the truck to ground level is required upon delivery. You will need to request lift gate service when ordering your kiln from your Olympic dealer. Otherwise additional freight charges will be incurred upon delivery of freight. It is your responsibility to move the freight from the truck to its place of use.

Lift gates are available for kilns on 6 ft. x 6 ft. pallets or smaller. Any Commercial Glass Fusing kiln and 20 cubic feet or larger Commercial Electric and Downdraft Gas models require the customer to have a forklift that can move the kiln from the truck to the desired location. If you do not have access to a forklift, check the internet or yellow pages for small moving companies that can take the freight off the long distance carrier and move the freight to the desired location. Give any prospective mover a physical description of the kiln, the weight, and inform them that it is designed to be picked up with a pallet truck or forklift only.

Location Guidelines for Your Olympic Electric Kiln

1. Adequate space - at least 12 inches of space between the kiln and the wall. (However, for operator comfort, allow room to walk around the kiln if maintenance is required. Stackable kilns require tightening of the kiln rings while firing for proper alignment.)

2. All flammable materials such as curtains, plastics, etc. in the area of the kiln should be removed. Determine room size required from the outer dimensions of the kiln you wish to purchase. For commercial kilns, check door width, and if the door is insufficient to allow kiln entry, contact Olympic Kilns to check if modifications can be made to kiln before it is ordered and built.

3. Proper ventilation - Heat can accumulate in restricted areas above both gas and electric kilns if a hood is not used. If the kiln is gas and located in a confined area it is essential that an exhaust hood be place above the kiln and vented to the outside. This ensures removal of heat and exhaust gases, including carbon monoxide. Even if the kiln is outside be sure that the hot exhaust gases do not cause damage. Check all local requirements or codes before installation.

4. If the kiln is to be placed outside, ensure that moisture is not permitted. Use a roof over the kiln or some type water resistant tarp when the kiln is not being fired.

5. Remember to use sheet metal or non-flammable material to shim the legs when leveling the kiln.

Installation of Your Electric Kiln

Position the kiln with the observation holes clearly visible and with the electronic controller within easy reach. For kilns equipped with a power cord, place the kiln to the left of the proper electrical outlet so that the kiln can be plugged in without touching the metal jacket. Because all kilns generate heat the stand or frame should be placed on a concrete floor. Tiles or linoleum could be damaged without this precaution.

If the kiln is to be placed outside, ensure that moisture is not permitted. Use a roof over the kiln or some type water resistant tarp when the kiln is not being fired. Remember to use sheet metal or non-flammable material to shim the legs when leveling the kiln.

Electrical Hook-Up

To provide the performance it was designed to give, your new kiln must have the proper outlet and breaker to supply adequate voltage and amperage. An incorrect connection may cause disappointing or even hazardous results. A qualified electrician needs to be consulted to determine whether your wiring is adequate.

Electric kilns running on 120 volts will plug into a standard outlet but check your breaker to ensure proper performance. Standard electric kilns will run on 240 volts, single phase. If your kiln was ordered 208 volts, single or three-phase power, it will be noted on the nameplate on the kiln. Commercial electric kilns may be wired for 240, 208, 380, or 480 volts; single or three phase. Most commercial kilns require direct wiring and a receptacle outlet is not required.

Any kiln ordered three-phase will be direct wired (there is not a power cord attached to the kiln).

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Reg. $2,840.00