Downdraft Gas Kilns


DownDraft gas kilns exhaust and intake are located at the bottom of the kiln and require a chimney or stack to induce enough draft (hence the name DownDraft) to pull in the amount of fresh air needed for combustion.

Check out some of the downdraft gas kiln’s features:

  • Fire to cone 10, 2350° F
  • Built with brick or fiber walls. Brick will heat up and cool down at a slower rate than a fiber walled kiln.
  • Frames of the Olympic downdraft gas kilns are built of heavy angle iron and metal tubing
  • Kiln walls are 4 ½” insulating brick with 1” ceramic fiberbdowndraft gas kilnsoard and 1” air space created by the tube frame
  • The exterior of the downdraft gas kilns are durable stainless steel
  • Fiber and brick DownDrafts are built with double insulated floors, consisting of brick and ceramic fiberboard.

The additional strength and insulation enable Olympic DownDrafts to fire at high temperatures and to maintain temperatures without damage or deterioration. The roofs of the DownDraft gas kilns are designed with bolt-in pyro-block modules for energy efficiency and easy repairs. Olympic DownDraft gas kilns are built with high efficiency venturi burners located underneath the kiln chamber and have the option of placing the burners on the side of the kiln chamber when the kiln is under construction. Forced air burners are an available option.

Also available are the Olympic DownDraft Car kilns.  The car kilns include a heavy gauge iron track for rolling the kiln floor and door in and out of the kiln chamber. 

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