Glass Firing Kilns

 Innovative, Original, Creative

1st - to create the 28”, 12-sided electric kiln

1st - to create the Oval electric kiln for ceramics and glass

1st - to create the Electric Raku kiln for ceramics and glass 

1st - to design affordable large capacity sized electric and gas kilns

1st - to create Square 120 volt glass kilns

1st - to create 18” wide (cylindrical and square) 120 volt glass firing kilns

1st - to create a kiln with two different loading capabilities - top loading and clamshell loading in a single kiln

Which model is the one for you, your business, school, studio? Determine the size (width and height) of the pieces you will be firing in the next year; what the temperature range is required; and what type of  power and electrical wiring is available where the kiln will be located. These three factors will guide you to the model that will be most productive to meeting your goals.

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